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See It through Their Eyes

She and her staff are fantastic. Helpful, responds quickly, patient with her patients no matter the age and very personable. Highly recommend to all my local friends.


Very good doctor and thoughtful doctor. She worked me into her schedule as an out-of-town walk-in to treat an acute event. Other providers may not have been so flexible.
Exceptional concern for her patients, many of which she knew by name. I am very thankful to have been sent to her.


Jessica Dennis is the first OD that took the time to examine my eyes carefully and discover a small scar for which she referred me to a specialist for further review.  I had been going to a large, well-respected company and NEVER had they brought up the scar.  I was always disappointed in the glasses I was fitted for at the previous company, as well.  My appointment with Jessica Dennis was a huge SUCCESS!


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